Real estate and contracting lawsuits

In our firm, we are distinguished by our various specializations through our various internal departments, the most important of which is the Real Estate Claims and Construction Claims Department, in which we are distinguished by our long cumulative experience and our deep knowledge of local and federal laws, regulations and practices related to the affairs of real estates and properties in the United Arab Emirates.


One of our most prominent services in this field is legal advice before contracting, drafting contracting contracts, taking into account the rules of the International Federation of Engineering Consulting (FIDIC contracts), contracts for the sale of real estate units and real estate development and its modification, as well as the related lawsuits, including the assignment of expertise, evaluation of projects and its stages and proper implementation and the related legal rights and duties that have a productive legal effect. In addition to the lawsuits for the termination of contracts or the compulsory enforcement of the same and the claim for compensation as a result of them and the related specialized and accurate legal issues that require our professional services in this field.