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Ahmed Khameis Alzeyoudi Advocates and Legal Consultant

We are here to secure your rights with experience

We are Ahmed Khamis Al Zeyoudi Advocates and Legal Consultants, a local office with a global vision, based in Dubai. Our legal and administrative team includes a cadre of elites with great experience – forty years of legal experience – in the UAE and the Middle East, which enables us to provide the best legal services to our clients to meet all their requirements. It enables us to provide a wide range of diversified legal services with the diversity of our clients and their aspirations at the local and international levels, and we invest in our various partnerships with our strategic partners locally and internationally.

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The Founder

A lawyer in the United Arab Emirates, general manager of Ahmed Khamis Al Zeyoudi Advocates and Legal Consultants, holder of a master’s degree in private law. He represents our clients before the police stations, the Public Prosecution and all courts of all degrees, as well as the committees responsible for settling rental, real estate and insurance disputes in the United Arab Emirates, in all fields and types of litigation. He is specialized in matters related to civil, commercial, real estate, penal and personal status cases of all kinds, in addition to his extensive experience in the field of inheritance, issues related to contracting contracts, and issues related to banking and insurance lawsuits, in addition to his competence in intellectual property and registering trademarks.

Our Mission:

Providing legal services with international standards and a high degree of professionalism, serving the local market, both locally and internationally.


Our Vision:

One of the largest legal firms in the region and linked to global partnerships at the highest levels. We provide all legal services in various fields with the highest standards, closest to the hearts of our clients and the most prominent refuge for companies and individuals in protecting their rights.


Our Values:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Morals
  • Truth
  • Loyalty
  • Cooperation
  • Love
  • Friendliness
  • Psychological comfort
  • Continuous development
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Our Services

We are here to secure your rights with experience

Our Global Scope

Egypt Jordan Lebanon Syria Germany Switzerland United Kingdom Singapore China

It is the best of our vision and keenness to keep pace with the requirements of the clients, we have been keen on promoting international relations with strategic companies and specialized legal firms in a number of regional and global countries, to provide a wide range of our legal services outside the UAE. Our partnership has diversified in the following countries: regionally in each of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in addition to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, and globally in Germany, Switzerland, Britain in Europe and Singapore, China,